Monday, February 8, 2010

More from Zhong Guo!

Photos from in and around Nanjing...

Where the Treaty of Nanjing was signed, making Hong Kong Island a crown colony of the United Kingdom

The entrance to Xin Jie Kou, my favorite underground shopping in Nanjing...I've never felt so trendy!

Our wonderful translators, Wendy and Helena, helped us bargain!

Blue skies over Nanjing were rare but very welcomed!

We crossed this river everyday on our way to clinic...and I lost my bike pedal here at least twice!

More from the hospital...I have so many fond memories of the kind, knowledgeable, and gracious staff, nurses, and doctors!

The new campus for TCM in Nanjing...

We kept taking pictures of the was amazing...even the library was huge! How exciting to have seemingly unlimited resources for learning and treating patients!

We even got to see a dorm + dorm mates! Check out the girl's shorts, second from left: it's Che Guevara-lego-ized!

Each freshman class must go through one year of military training. It didn't look too bad though: most students were texting/marching!

They take hot pot seriously here, folks!

Has anyone ever ordered a bucket of rice before?

Street scenes...

Photos from Mochou Lake: it was right across the boulevard from our hotel!

I haven't been able to find motorized two-person carts here in the States! ^_^

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's Day Edition!

Remnants of our celebration at Bonneville Resort & Spa

Hello Everyone! I hope that the new year has proven to be a healthy, happy one so far!

I've got some exciting news! After much deliberation and a few years of research and correspondence, I went down to Los Angeles for an interview/training with Steiner Leisure Limited. Steiner is a beauty and wellness company based out of London who owns and operates many spas on land and at sea. They offer an acupuncture program called Point of Well-Being on over 71 cruise vessels on eight cruise lines. While in LA, I was offered a position to be the acupuncturist on one of their ships, the Coral Princess from the Princess Cruise line! I will be leaving for the cruise on March 22nd for the Panama Canal.

The Coral Princess

What's more is that my wonderful boyfriend, Dave, took me to California and gifted me with a trip to Disneyland! We had an amazing time at the Happiest Place on Earth! My top three rides were:

1. Indiana Jones: watch your head
2. Space Mountain: it's dark so you can't watch your head
3. Splash Mountain: don't watch the people in front of you (they may embarrass you)

Later that day, Dave took me to the Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant...very romantic, very much in the bayou! I had a delicious portabello mushroom entree and Dave had the jambalaya, which unfortunately fared better than Dave did.

At a cafe in Portland, two sisters insisted on sitting next to Dave

So, while I'm here in Portland I have been preparing to leave (what I lovingly call, "getting my life together") by doing all those things that I've been putting off since school, like:

1. finishing my boards
2. getting licensed
3. taxes!
4. fixing my teeth (please, don't bite your fork! Root canals are uncomfortable and expensive!)
5. and best of all, spending time with my loved ones...

Dad, Dave & Vivian

My sister's boyfriend Eric, Dave & Lily playing Rockband

Every Monday and Wednesday, I've gotten to volunteer at my niece's school (Abernethy Elementary) and we've signed up for Girl Scouts as well.

Chef Lily made a delicious meal for Dave & I

I've gotten to hang out with the littlest edition to the family and even give her baths and change her diapers (sans gloves and face mask as I had with my first niece).

She loves to eat, just like her Aunty!

Vivers, looking like her mom!

Dad & I finally got to babysit!

And finally, I've been able to spend oodles of quality time with my most supportive and loving best friend, Dave.

At the Blazer game!

At the Phoenix show, Dave's favorite band!

In terms of the Valentine's Day Edition of my post:

Today, I had the urge to look at the news, which is rare you see, because rarely do I not find it somewhat depressing. However, I took the plunge and opened up the New York Times online. I scrolled down all the way to the bottom and read something that caught my eye. No, not the best commericals of Superbowls past (however entertaining that would be). I found a video titled, An American in Congo: Lisa Shannon's Run for Women Brutalized by War.

I have always wanted to be able to help the women of Congo but I never knew how until I saw the video of how Lisa Shannon, a Portland, Oregon native, was able to help through the simple act of running. How does this tie into Valentine's Day? Well, I think that if you are like me, we often want to bring more meaning into the holiday dedicated to love. Maybe we want to do more than buy those flowers or that card (however meaningful). Maybe we want to show our love to the global community. Maybe this is overstepping my bounds as a blogger but I just had to share this inspiring tale. So, today or the next day or the next, I challenge you to go to this site:, Women for Women International and see what you think. One person can make a difference. You all have made such a huge impact on my life. Let's see where that can take us.

So, that's it. The reason why I chose to talk about Women for Women was simply because I know that we are all intentional, giving, wonderful people who are always looking for ways to help. Please don't feel obligated. Please do feel hopeful. People like you are out there making a difference.

What did you do when it snowed? Me & my honda got cozy by the fire!