Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello from Alaska!

Whittier/Anchorage...view from a Portland-ish cafe! Love it!

Hello everyone!

No, I haven't jumped overboard yet! The ship life is indescribable...really, there are no words to express it. Rather, there aren't enough internet cards to buy in the world that would give me enough time to type it all up.

It is at once exhilarating and overwhelming. I find myself working way too much (15 hours a day average) and sleeping way too little. The pressure is tremendous to make someone feel better (at least 50% better) in 45 minutes. Yet, I have incredible opportunities to change hundreds of lives every month. Two cruises ago I treated a woman who had polio since she was 15 years old. Now she is 75 and doing great after a series of treatments. Acupuncture took away a man's back pain that he had since 1976. Last cruise a man said that he felt like someone had poured gasoline on his leg and lit it on fire. I nearly cried. But, that night after the treatment and since then, he hasn't felt that pain again.

So, there are huge rewards and huge costs. I am out in the middle of the ocean, away from my loved ones and friends. I am missing you and wanting to be there for you as well. But I hope that I am doing good and important work. I hope that I am making a difference.

My Slovakian friend, Jana and I at our spa party!

Oh, and I have to tell you a few other exciting things. I am the first acupuncturist in history to offer qigong classes on board (1-2 per cruise). It's been amazing to feel the group energy and see the ocean just outside the windows. And, I'm the #2 acupuncturist out of 80 this month. Just thought I would let you know and congratulate you all for supporting me in this crazy endeavour.