Friday, October 30, 2009

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I know, I know...I said that I would blog in chronological order...but it just wasn't meant to be, folks. I apologize but I was in fact, very busy during my clinical rotations in China. I know. I had no idea either. I mean, I totally went into the "China Clinical Experience" with no expectations. I didn't want to put any more pressure on myself than was absolutely necessary.

But, to my delight, I learned so many gems and had a wonderful time in the Chinese hospitals. The doctors, nurses, and staff were supportive, gracious, and fun. They shared their wisdom and their joy with us. From them, and from my other mentors throughout my education, I was again reminded that showing love to our patients is one of the first steps in their healing. And I was also taught that compassion and laughter in the face of serious medical conditions can brighten even the sickest patients' spirits. Watching the masters in action was a complete thrill.

My first 2-week rotation was in Internal Medicine, at the Hall of Celebrity Doctors (seriously, these guys are masters!). Every 3 hour shift my friends Stacey, Tamara, and I would get to observe a Pediatrician, a Cardiologist, Gynecologist, EENT doc, Gastroenterologist or Respiratory specialist. Our favorites were Dr. Cai (peds) and Dr. Xie (GI and everything else).

I must also mention the head nurse, Dr. Cheng. Dr. Cheng was a cardiologist but felt like it was too taxing on her health. Instead, she has chosen to take interns like me under her wing and with generosity and a smile, make sure that we were comfortable and happy. She even changed our schedules so that we could spend more time with Dr. Cai and Dr. Xie. Dr. Cheng is planning to visit upon retirement...we will meet in San Francisco in 5 years. She promised!

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